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Get the Most Out of TRICARE and Medicare

September 24 - The growing number of medically retired wounded, ill and injured servicemembers need to know about becoming eligible for Medicare and how it effects their TRICARE benefits. Anne Breslin, Senior Health Program Analyst for the TRICARE Management Activity will answer critical questions about the TRICARE/Medicare relationship for beneficiaries under age 65.


I am almost 65. My Birth date is 4-22-1944.And I am Retired Military. I have not received any thing from Medicare in the way of forms,correspondences. are any thing to levitate My worry about not getting on Plan B or A and B. I've been told that I will Receive some thing in the mail before I'm 65. but You know how slow the goverment can be.

birth date 3-6-45 when schould i apply for medicare

Why does a 100%service connected disability have to pay for medical care?

You should go on the social security web site or call them. I turn 65 in 2 months and did not wait for them to contact me. You have to contact them. They were very, very helpful. They will tell you what you need to bring to the appointment. You need to do the work and do expect them to do it for you.

I was on Tricare Prime since retirement and just recieved SS Disabity in Mar. 08. I was offered Medicare part B but refused because I was on Tricare Prime because it was cheaper. I refused Medicare Part B but was unaware that Tricare Prime would not cover my healthcare until I recieved a letter the following May stating I may not be eligible. I am now disabled with many health issues, retired after 20 yrs of service with no healthcare or prescription coverage. What do I do???

My question is about Tri care..my daughter is engaged to a soldier stationed overseas right now and when on leave found out she is preg...he is very happy and they are planning on marriage in the future but we have found out that tri care will not provide medical care for her...can someone please tell me why this is ...when he is the father of this child and so he must take care of the mother before birth as well... Need to know what to do about this .thanks

i have tri care as my supplimental pay for my medicare...can i get the tri care for my wifes suppimental for her medicare wich startes in dec 08...

Lorraine - I have not heard of any health insurance company that covers pregnant girlfriends. When the baby is born, Tricare will cover the baby because it is the soldier's legal dependent. Girlfriend needs to become wife which would make her soldier's dependent in order to get covered.

Ray, not sure about under 65 but personnel over 65 who qualify for Medicare are required to have part B in order to maintain Tricare coverage. Additionally, Medicare becomes primary and Tricare switches to Tricare for Life and acts as a supplement to Medicare. Contact Tricare and find out how long it takes to reactivate the coverage after enrolling in Medcare part B (You might have to wait until the next enrollment period as well as paying a 10% penalty for each month your were not signed up after the month you were eligible). Additionally, have you considered the VA? If you qualify for VA health care, even with a copay, their prescription coverage is normally $8 for a 30 day supply of medication. You could also take your prescription list to Walmart and speak to their Pharmacy, they have a large number of prescriptions that are only $4 for a 30 day supply. Good luck and i hope this helps.

oops 10% for each 12 month period not enrolled


I have tricare prime and just found out my wife can not see her Doc she has been seeing for over a year, is they a tricare plan that would let her keep seeing her Doc she likes??

I will be 65 in May and I have Tricare Prime. My wife is younger than I and we have two small children in school and will have for many years to come. If I do not sign up for Medicare B, will I be able to continue my Tricare Prime for my family? I am Combat 100% disabled (270% but calculated down to 100%) all my injuries are by Military Duty (I was a helicopter pilot during Viet Nam). Must I sign up for Medicare B? I receive all my medical care at the VA Hospital in Kansas City and it has always been exceptional service. Will I beable to continue receiving my Medical care at the VA and my family can receive theirs at the Military base close by? Fact is I am still undergoing corrective Surgery for my Combat burns. Will you answer me or is this just a place to waste my time making this request for answers?

Do we get any answers from our questions on these comments? Does anyone know?

I have found not only must I pay the Medicare B costs, but I must also pay for Tricare Prime for my family or they will have no medical coverage. Talk about backing a person into the corner. Still no answer about if I decline Medicare B, will I be able to continue visits on my Combat problems until I die sometime in the future with VA? Who answers these questions?

To: Michael Fortner and Eric August, You both are 100% Disabled and by Combat or not you don't mention. Have you found anything to your questions? I did find it is not necessary to have Medicare B and still can have medical insurance of Tricare Prime for my family until my wife is 65. So many people do not give plausible answers or do not know the answers. It is not written down anyplace that I can find so far. I will check with Benefits at the VA hospital and perhaps there is a paragraph someplace to clarify the answers. I will reply when I find out. Carl

Hi everyone,

There is a general TRICARE and Medicare overview to check out on Military.com at http://www.military.com/benefits/tricare/tricare-medicare/medicare.

For more information, go to http://www.tricare.osd.mil/medicarepartd; http://www.medicare.gov; or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

What is the "Federal Law" that governs a retiree to pay for Medicare "part B" and Tricare.
If said retiree is under the age of 65 and Permanently disabled drawing disability from the VA and Social Security.

My daughter will be turning 19 in December. She will start to take classes in January- will she still be covered under my insurance?

Two years after you start drawing social security for disabilities, you will receive a notice that you are now eligible for Medicare. At this time you can either take part B or decline it, however, if you decline it your Tri Care will not pay the "other part of your medical which is normally twenty percent Make sure you do part B to insure you are covered for everything when not being treated by the VA facilities, which I might add are great. Children thus are still covered by Tri care until 23 yoa if still in school. Hope this helps

I want to know if i can go to the a hospital so i can get a sperm count! can you let me know if tricare covers this?

My daughter turns 23 this year. I understand that her medical benefits will expire. Is there a tricare health insurance she can obtain? Is there a norm that most military families reference when their children reach this age. The insurance plans online are the hardest to understand when we have been treated to some of the best for so long.

I recently started recieving my retired pay. I served 36y 7mo 1day in tne national guard. I was deployed for 1 yr during this time. Tricare tells me I am not eligible for Prime to use my own Dr. as I do not live in a Prime area. I would have to drive for one hour. My Dr. is listed as a provider. However, there are retirees in my area that have it and use their own Dr. One of these retirees is an AGR retired, who has never been to a hostile fire area. What Tricare says is they are grandfathered. There are several more too numerous to mention. I think this is discrimination.

I'm not enrolled or eligable for tricare, I'm a 30% SC disabled veteran, and have been for the past 45 years. Am currently enrolled in the VA health care benefits program and get all my meds and medical needs from the VAMC. Do I need medicare other than part A? I declined part b when I became eligable was that a mistake?
comments would be appreciated.

I am 79, I live in kentucky.
I read that the va will be providing chiropratic service for veterans, will tricare allow me to be referred by my doctor to see a chiropractor for my sicatic nerve condition..Everyone that I spoke who has or has had this condition have told me that the treatments received by their chiroprator has done wonders for them..

my wife tried to sign our 3 month old son up for tricare bc i am currently deployed and can not do this in person and was told she had to have a power of attorney over her own son to get him put on it and now we are starting to have bills piled up i would like an explanation for this please.

thank you

My daughters Father is now -Fully retired from the Army.She has been enrolled under his Tricare, now that he is retired, he wants to put her under his "Medicare Benefits" and she lives with me, and he wants her Social Security Card sent to him? If she has already been under his Benefits with Tricare, why do I need to send him her Social Security Card? It is the only one that we have and he is not good about returning things to me. Can't he enroll her in Medicare without her social secuirty card in hand?the military already has her Social security number,dob etc..,

My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. She recently was admitted into a facility that specializes in the care of Alzheimers patients. They are currently trying to regulate her medicines. If they can do that and they determine she is eligible to return home. What kind of home care assistance might be covered? If she cannot return home, because this is a mental health problem, what does Tri Care for Life cover for long term care.

Your immediate response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

I am a retired Air Natl. Guardsman age 63 receiving my monthly pension. Should I purchase Long Term Care at $3000 per year or will my Medicare/Tricare be enough?

i am SFC Blain, And is currently station in WAAF, HI.I had an allergic reaction to the Flu vaccine, a couple of weeks ago. I was rush to a civilian hospital, the medical bill was paid for by the hospital, but i received a bill for the ambulance transportaion for $750.00. I was notified by my command thatTricare is suppose to handle this bill. Can you please advise me of what I should do.


I just hit 65 (retired active military for 22+ years) and had TriCare Prime. It was, automatically, changed to TFL. Medicare is now charging me $97.00/month for Part B. I was paying $19.00/month for TCP. When we need it the most the "government" (again) lets us down! Is there anything I can do to get the Medicare premium dropped or waived?

I am a retired service member and also receive 100% disability
I am interested in knowing if either tricare or medicare cover
cyropractor visits and treaments

I am retired military, over 70. If I should predecease my wife does she continueto receive Tricare for Life as a supplement to her Medicare?

in july i will turn 65. iam medically retired from the army. when i signup for medicare what parts should i take i am covered by tricare.

My husband is 100% T&P disabled service- connected.He presently is on SS, has Medicare part A. Being his wife of 39 yrs., I am on Champ-Va , until I turn 65, at which time I go to Tri-care for Life.After I am on Medicare and SS, should we get Part B? We have a 17 yr old son, and we also have a Gov't Wide BC/BS policy. I keep hearing and reading all kinds of conflicting notes.

i get out honarably on jan 12th from the usmc.. my wifes due date is jan 25th... does my health care stop at my e.a.s or does it cover her???

My wife and I have been enrolled in US Family Health Plan as a suplemental health insurance to our Medicare A & B. We were just informed that US Family Health has been terminated by our local Medical Associate and must change our primary care Doctor that we have had for over 20 years. Are there any options open to us within Tri Care that will allow us to stay with our present Doctor?

if my wife and have split up d, how do i remove her from my tricare

I'm 71 and I cannot tolorate
generic drugs, I must have name brand. My Dr. requested
non-generic and you refused them, I did my 20+ years for
the medical benefits, now that I need your help, I'm
refused. WHY?

When I turn 65 does tri-care act as a supplement for medicare.

I am 75 years old and I have been declared 100% disabled as of March 2008 due to a service related condition.
I have Medicare B health benefits and a United Health Care Suppliment Plan but I would like to know if I am eligible for a TRICARE health benefits plan that would pay for the 20% costs not paid by Medicare B.

i am 75 years old and I have been declared 100% disabled due to a service related conditon. I currently have Medicare B and a United Health Care Suppliment. I would like to know if I am eligible for a TRICARE Health Benefits Plan that pays for the 20% costs that Medicare does not pay.

My wife received treatment on 08/11/07 at ER in LehighAcres fl.Payment was made by Medicare,then Blue cross blue shield of Fl.-Then to Milicare(why I don't know).But it appears that Milicare has taken back $141.77 I would like to know why. Thanks Doug

Is DePends and diabetic testers approved the Tricare for Life?

Does tricarefor life cover
depends and diabetic equipment?

I am almost 64. My Birth date is 9-05-1945.And I am Retired Military. I have not received any thing from Medicare in the way of forms,correspondences. are any thing to levitate My worry about not getting on Plan B or A and B. I've been told that I will Receive some thing in the mail before I'm 65. but You know how slow the goverment is.

Than you for your support

My Father in-Law has Tri-Care for life. His spouse is in need of wheel chair and a lift bed in order to move around and sit up in bed once she is released from the rehab facility due to several serious injuries. He is 81 and his spouse is 78 and needs these devices. She is currently being treated for Altzhimers with medication.

I am a retired military and 67 years old - I worked for industry under their medical plans for the last 18 years; when I recently changed companies, I elected not to participate in the new company's medical plan. When I reached my SS age, I applied for Part A and did not need Part B - until I was advised and subsequently elected to use Medicare in combination with TRICARE - so I applied and received Part B coverage with the understanding that the combination of Medicare and TRICARE would cover all medical costs and prescriptions - by merely showing my medicare and retired military cards. However, I recently received a Medicare Summary notice indicating that I may be billed for excess to Medicare Approved. Do I need to "Apply" for TRICARE prime?

I heard that if I switched from Tricare standard to prime I would loose my doctor since I lived under 50 miles from a military base clinic. My doctor is six blocks away and the clinic is 30 miles.

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