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Kelly McGillis Looks Back on 'Top Gun'

Kelly McGillis
Legendary actress Kelly McGillis stops by The Editor's Desk to talk about her role in the movie "Top Gun". What was it like working with Tom Cruise? How does she feel about the movie today? And what is her favorite line from the movie?



"Till the Marines took it over and wrecked it"...lol Beautiful!

Remember Greg "Hollywood" Dishart well from VF-32. How could Kelly McGillis say we had "no real enemies" in 1985? My God we had the enemy of enemies in the USSR at the time, it was the height of the cold war!

She's now a fat, ugly dyke.

Jimbo, She definitely was not fat nor ugly at the recent Toronto Film Festival. You must be giving your own personal self assessment...of yourself.

This female actress is as all the others in Hollywood, they never accepted that we ever had any enimies....it was all our imagination and their
Leftist PC brain washing...
I stil recall the story about this actress, in hospital, in Florida, having a baby, and her man was out shacking up with the whores in that area....Nice marriage, nice family values. So really she has nothing to add to my life or way of life...How about yours?

What the heck are you talking about here. This is a forum for Kelly looking back on the film, Top Gun. It's not a forum for your ill manored talk about Kelly's private life nor her marital affairs. We are talking about TOP GUN. Stay on topic or leave.

I was a recruiter at the time and everyone that came into the office wanted to be a pilot like Top Gun, enven thoough half of the applicants could'nt spell the word. It was a good movie for recruiting at the time.

None of the reps at NAS Miramar looked like her character

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