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Senator Kay Hagan on Defense Budget, Benefits, and Pay


Senator Kay Hagan, D-NC, stops by the Editor’s Desk to talk about the latest around the defense budget, veteran employment, military benefits, and pay. Is the burden of sequestration here to stay? Hear Sen. Hagan's forecast.


Kelly McGillis Looks Back on 'Top Gun'


Kelly McGillis
Legendary actress Kelly McGillis stops by The Editor's Desk to talk about her role in the movie "Top Gun". What was it like working with Tom Cruise? How does she feel about the movie today? And what is her favorite line from the movie?


Military Benefits and the Fiscal Cliff


Philpott-150x266Benefits expert Tom Philpott stops by the Editor’s Desk to chat about what’s at risk as Congress edges the nation closer to the "fiscal cliff." What services might be lost? What payrolls could get trimmed? Who might be forced to make the transition to civilian life before he or she is ready?


Black Hawk Down Author Writes about Bin Laden Raid


Finish_Bowden_150Author Mark Bowden stops by the Editor’s Desk to talk about his latest book, "The Finish", which deals with the events that lead up to and the decisions that approved the mission to take down Osama Bin Laden. Mark talks to Ward about what happened behind the scenes at places like JSOC and the White House, the differences between the Bush and Obama approaches to the al Qaeda threat, and how the F3EAD doctrine evolved in the modern military.


House VA Chairman’s Update on Vet Jobs and the War


Podcast_Miller_JSF“The Editor’s Desk” sits down once again with Congressman Jeff Miller, R-FL, the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee to talk about the state of the VA, veteran hiring, the war in Afghanistan, and the upcoming presidential election.


Brandon Webb Hits 'The Red Circle'


Podcast_Red_CircleBrandon Webb, Navy SEAL vet, New York Times best-selling author, and former editor of’s Kit Up! blog, stops by the Editor’s Desk to talk about how his young life led him to the SEAL ranks and what it was like to develop a world-class sniper program that trained the likes of Marcus Lutrell and Chris Kyle. .


House VA Committee Chair Talks Cuts


Podcast_Jeff_MillerEditor Ward Carroll sits down with Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fl., to talk about what effect the Congressional Super-committee’s actions may have on the VA budget. Miller also addresses the state of the VA in general and what the future might hold for the agency’s ability to support vets. .


Marine Infantry Officer Now Ultimate Fighter


Podcast_Brian_StannAnnapolis alum and former Marine Corps infantry officer Brian Stann now tests himself in one of the toughest environments on the planet: the UFC ring. This week Brian stopped by the Editor’s Desk to talk about how the Corps helped him become a world-class competitive fighter.


Ted Nugent Still Believes


Podcast_Nugent goes backstage to talk to outdoorsman and rock n’ roll legend Ted Nugent about his experiences with the U.S. military and how he feels about the American landscape these days. Strap yourself in for a wild ride ...

Learn more about Ted’s charities (including military ones) here.


Inside the AK-47 With NYT Reporter CJ Chivers


Podcast_The_Gun In the latest installment of From the Editor’s Desk, managing editor for news and Kit Up! blogger Christian Lowe speaks with C.J. Chivers of the New York Times about his new book “The Gun.” Chivers -- who is a former Marine infantry officer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the Times’ top war correspondent -- wrote the definitive history of the Soviet-built Automatic Kalashnikov 47. In “The Gun,” Chivers tracks the development of the world’s most prolific assault rifle from the early days of Richard Gatling to the Islamic fighters of the Taliban.


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